Partner Owner and Pole Instructor

Sam is co-owner at The Pole Fitness Academy and a qualified pole and pole silks instructor. She has been poling since December 2013 and teaching since January 2015. 

'I was really nervous when I booked my taster session but after 5 minutes I loved it. I went straight home and signed up. It became the highlight of my week. After a while one session was just not enough, so I doubled my classes and bought my own pole for home. I was addicted! 

I've never had a proper hobby and fell in love with pole. I rarely missed a class and attended any workshop I could. It was shortly after my one year poleaversary that I started to teach. I started off as an assistant and participated in the Spin City pole instructor qualifications. I fell in love with teaching, just as much as I loved learning it. Watching my students progress and joining in their joy when moves are achieved is fabulous. Passing on the love of pole! 

In 2016 I qualified as a pole silks instructor and in 2017 I accepted the role as co-owner of The Pole Fitness Academy. Whilst we are waiting for life to return to normal, I am working towards my qualification in anatomy and physiology.

Pole has done wonders for my self confidence and has introduced me to so many lovely people. It has also made me at the age of 36 achieve things I never thought possible! 


Yoga Instructor

Rhi led a very active lifestyle before she first encountered yoga back in 2011. Yoga soon influenced her outlook on life and had a calming effect on her health & wellbeing. Yoga gave Rhi permission to slow down and move her body in ways she was never capable of, even repairing the ACL tear in her left knee she sustained through skiing.

In April 2019, Rhi completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Scotland, led by the wonderful Buddhist, Daizan Skinner, of Zenways School. Her desire to teach and bring her training to life quickly became a reality when she launched herself under the name ‘Fluid Fox Yoga’.

Rhi specialises in Vinyasa and Yin yoga, contrasting styles of yoga that compliment each other very nicely. Her teaching emphasises three intertwined areas: physical alignment, the flow of energy and mindfulness. Her classes and workshops will help you open and unblock your body, develop a deeper awareness of yourself with a focus on living in the present moment.

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Wellness, Fitness and Pole Instructor

Hi, my name is Cara and I'm originally from South Wales. I work full-time as a Wellness Coach and Fitness Instructor at The Park Club Milton, near Didcot.  I carryout gym inductions, programmes, body composition analysis for all members and much more. However my favourite part of the job is teaching classes! My aim is to provide a fun but challenging workouts to everyone who participates. I teach a variety of disciplines on a weekly basis. This includes group cycle (spin), circuits, Abs Blast, kettlebells, HIIT and much more. I have recently qualified in Beginners Pole Instructor Training and so now I'm looking forward to taking on the next big challenge. Bring it on! 
I am currently working towards my 'Level 3 in Personal Training' qualification, and looking to carry out my Intermediate Pole Instructor Training in the very near future. I enjoy the fitness field because it is very diverse, and I am always looking to further develop my knowledge or take on a new discipline.  
I love Pole Fitness and I've been doing it for many years. It is an addictive sport and a fantastic way to keep fit because it builds your whole body strength, particularly your core, and it also helps to develop your flexibility. My favourite pole move is the Ayesha! This move requires strength, balance, co-ordination, and lots of practice and patience when learning it! However it is worth it when you nail the 'Ayesha' as it does look pretty spectacular!


Yoga, Pole and Aerial Instructor

My journey to yoga teacher was a long and windy one.
I first started taking Iyengar and Ashtanga classes while a PhD student at Reading in 2012, and a regular yoga practice has stayed with me ever since. Sometimes religiously as regular weekly classes, then months on end at home in the form of self practice that I structured to what I, my body and mind, needed on the day. Then I went through a stint of practising regularly with online teachers before it was a thing.
I quickly discovered that my preferred means of moving and flowing doesn't fit any one box, I like creative sequencing, I like breathwork, I like mindfulness. I have a strong background of over a decade in pole and aerial training, flexibility training, and a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and the effects of biological and psychological stress on human health thanks to my PhD in palaeopathology. All of these experiences, trainings, insights and the vast knowledge exchange I've been privileged to have with academics, researchers and professionals in a range of disciplines have moulded my teaching style and the movement flow I like to create for my classes.
When I signed up for my YTT with Emily Young in 2019, I found exactly what I was looking for, a training that embraced the uniqueness of people's individual anatomy, a teaching philosophy that was led by introspection, a training that honoured yoga, its philosophy and ethics and was mindful of Western influences, yet allowed trainees to find their own style while embracing the roots of the practice.
My classes are themed, whether its an anatomical focus, current affairs, or a mindset, wellbeing, or health focal point that weaves its way through my class. Sometimes I tell a story, sometimes it's an anatomy lesson. My promise is that my classes are always uplifting, challenging and tough, but I encourage you to practise in a way that meets your needs on the day, and if your downdog looks nothing like mine or anyone else's in the class but feels good and right for you, then I've achieved my goal.



Pole Fitness and Aerobics Instructor

I’ve always been into fitness and staying healthy. Gymnastics and trampolining were my passions as a child (hence the pointed feet, flexibility, and poise) as well as anything that involved crazy death defying tricks!
I’m currently studying Dance and Fitness at University which has opened up so many possibilities. I am a qualified Lvl 2 Gym Instructor and on my way to completing my Lvl 3 Personal Trainer qualification. Dance has always been a hobby of mine but it is only recently that I’ve taken it up professionally.
I started poling in 2011 on a whim after a friend introduced me to it and have been hooked ever since. Pole fitness is so different to so many classes out there and it incorporates everything a person could want from a fitness class; strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, core stability etc.
It is a great way to burn fat and tone muscle at the same time. I took to pole quite naturally but there are still things that escape me and it is my mission to become even better. There is a lot of stigma out there about pole and being a male doesn’t help. However, it is my aim to help change this perception and show people that pole is for everyone!


Pilates and Aerial Hoop Instructor

My name is Laura I’m a purchasing manager for a Pharmaceutical company by day and I’m the Gloucester Hoop Teacher for Momentum Pole and Aerial by night. I’ve been teaching hoop for just over three years and training in hoop on and off for about six yrs. I started off a scary number of years ago going to pole classes. About six years ago I saw some hoop performers, I took one look and decided I had to have a go myself! A couple of years ago I was asked if I would like to teach at Momentum, I’ll admit I was terrified but soon got into the swing of it!
The best bit about my job is seeing students’ progress over the weeks and months. Personally I find hoop and pole to be quite liberating, it’s an hour or two in the week, where daily life can be put on hold, you can switch off your brain to the outside world and focus on yourself for a little bit. I’m often asked what can be done at home to get stronger or better faster but Aerial Hoop is about the journey not the destination, don’t kill yourself with boring planks or push-ups, come to class, enjoy your time there, make some friends. That’s the most important thing!



Pole and Flexibility Instructor

My first real life interaction with pole was during Apres Ski, there were dancers doing incredible things and I decided I needed to do that too. I booked my first lesson the week after.
I now teach pole and a bit of stretch, I aim for everyone to feel as welcome and comfortable in their first class as I did in mine. As someone who has always been considered painfully shy, plucking up the courage for that first lesson was one of the hardest, but most rewarding things I’ve done. I would love for my students to feel the same . 
My background is in ballet which I started at the age of two and trained for 17 years. I love the freedom of expression that comes from pole; it’s whatever you want it to be, whether that’s sexy, contemporary, or tricks and flips. I’ve discovered a new appreciation for what my body is capable of, and care less about what it looks like.


Pole Instructor

My name is Jauden (pronounced Jordan, in case you were wondering) and I fell in love with pole in
2014 whilst studying Media and Communications at London Metropolitan University. Whilst signing
up for a gym membership and taking a tour around the gym, I stumbled across a pole class full of
magnificently strong women doing so many cool tricks up the pole and was in awe, and as I am sure
you can tell I have been hooked ever since.
Pole reminded me so much of dance when I first started, which was my first love, as it was a fun way
to exercise that challenged me. I used to dance and perform all over the UK with performance art
schools and dance but gave it when I went to university. Finding pole was definitely a godsend
because I missed dance so much however pole was dance, but on steroids! Pole gave me so much
more than dance ever could. It’s the physical challenge, the fun, the community, the support, the
freedom to be sassy and sexy and the friendships that I’ve made that kept me coming back all of
these years. I love any move that challenges my strength and agility so I think handsprings and
shoulder mounts are my favourite moves to do.
Since starting pole, I have steadily progressed and was offered a role with the Pole Fitness Academy
to become a beginners instructor in 2018 and became a Spin City Beginners qualified instructor in
2020. I fell in love with teaching pole just as much as I loved pole because it made me so happy
seeing my students overcome challenges and push through barriers and moves they didn’t think
they could achieve, it is so rewarding. My main aim and goal as in instructor create a fun,
encouraging, and supportive environment where we learn the latest tricks and push ourselves to the
best of our ability, of course in a safe environment.