'The online pole sessions during lockdown have given me so much more than you can imagine!! It's provided structure to my week (using my pole at home more than ever!), familiar faces each week when you log on, trying out different styles and forced me to challenge myself to try new moves and of course keeping up my strength and conditioning for when the gyms finally re-open!'

Katie - Witney


'Online classes have been brilliant. Not just pole but all the other options available. I've had classes from teachers I would never have met in studio classes. I've attended more classes online than I did before lockdown and learned so many new moves and techniques'

Paula - Reading


'Lockdown has been tough on all of us but The PFA has given us the flexibility and ability to still stay fit, strong and keep on poling. The variety of classes has meant that you don’t need a pole to keep active, the classes are still fun and you finish feeling like you’ve achieved something. I love how it is still being tailored to ability as we all have different strengths. All in all I’m so glad I’m still poling and I have a club giving me the opportunity to keep it up'

Laura - Abingdon


'The PFA have responded so quickly and efficiently to the constant changes since the first lockdown, it cannot be easy to organise so much so quickly and so often!
The online classes (pole or no pole) are excellent and it has been a good opportunity to learn from so many different teachers. The variety of classes has been great also and it gave me the chance to try different forms of exercise that I wouldn't tried otherwise.
Thank you so much PFA!'

Anabela - Reading


"I've loved having the online classes to keep up my strength, flexibility and conditioning for pole, especially the yoga sessions, which, for me, for me have been amazing. There are so many class options to choose from so even if you don't have a pole at home (like me) you can still be working on pole skills for when we can be back in a studio."

Charlie - Reading


'Your online classes have kept me sane over the past few months, so a massive "thank you" to you and all the instructors'

Diane - Oxford


'It's been my saving grace. Thank you to you all'

Natasha - Reading


'I’m looking forward to a studio class but will definitely be keeping up with the online poling. It’s the only thing that’s kept me sane'

Lindsay - Witney